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06-07-08 AUGUST 2014
The Drumley Walk
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jabreen walk with rory
Beaudesert (Borobi) Walk 2014
Tamborine (Mibunn) Walk 2014
Southport (Gowonda) Walk 2014
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-28.010592294516208 153.1343917041015 11 http://www.thedrumleywalk.com/yugambeh.com/pics/itm__google_map_walk_route.png
-27.988633801938292 152.9961399226379 Yahnbelehla - Official Walk Start <p>We start the walk by a wooden flagpole in the centre of Beaudesert, that Drumley carved from a single piece of wood in <span id="_mce_start" style="line-height: 0; display: none;"></span>1918<span id="_mce_start" style="line-height: 0; display: none;"></span>. It stands by the Anzac cenotaph, corner of William and Brisbane Streets. <span id="_mce_start" style="line-height: 0; display: none;"></span></p> -27.979689975958745 153.02678147842403 End of Borobi Walk 2014 <p>This is where we have morning tea, and marks the end of the Borobi Walk. It is the property of Jack and Elaine Egan. Jack remembers his father introducing him to Drumley when he was a little boy. "He said you call him sir," Jack remembers. Jack showed me a spot on a neighbouring property where his cousins came across Drumley one day, cooking buneen (echidna) while he had a break from work.</p> -27.95021344728678 153.18117077042575 Local story - Birthing of the Rivers <p>On this spot we can look out at the wonder of the local landscape. And it where we hear the creation story that created this vista. The story of the wise matriarch Wanoongra, the warrior Tambrin, and the interwoven love triangles that created all that we see today.</p> -27.922758 153.185549 Start of Tamborine Walk 2012 <p>This cultural journey starts with a presentation at the Goat Track Theatre's basement at the Vonda Youngman Centre, Main Street North Tamborine.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>It travels through the boardwalks of the Tamborine national Park at Curtis Fall, and meanders through the popular Gallery Walk coffee shop precinct, before finishing amidst the tall timbers of the Tamborine National Park at Wongawallan Road.</p> <p>A bus will return you back to the start.</p> -27.91266349371309 153.21672479202266 The forest of the warrior <p>The legend of Wangawallen seeps from the tall birch trees here, on the edge of the misty forests that fringe Mount Tamborine. He was a warrior for his people, who paid the ultimate price. <br />But we remember him today for his dedication to his people.</p> -28.004396791456074 153.3760057627153 Fantastic portrait gallery of Aboriginal Elders <p>The Royal Pines RACV Resort is host to a fantastic permanent photographic collection, featuring images of Aboriginal people of the region. Each year Royal Pines welcomes The Drumley Walk in to observe the collection, and they also generously provide refreshments for our walkers. The exhibition is open to the public seven days a week.</p> -27.977832902142864 153.41825524856563 Brighton Parade - Holy ground for local Aboriginal mob <p>Brighton Parade is where the full Drumley Walk finishes. Billy Drumley's liittle sister Jenny Graham lived in Brighton Parade. This is where the current Elders grew up. James Overall Park is where we actually finish. This is reclaimed land, using sand from the mining operations. It used to be mangroves and river banks. A fantastic place to grow up during the 1930s and 40s.</p> -28.1015082195169 153.4301347522926 Aboriginal Burial Ground <p>In this area Australia's largest Aboriginal Burial ground was unearthed in the 1960s. The remains were eventually dug up,studied and stored at the University of Queensland. In the 1980s Aboriginal Ysola Best led a group who protested that the remains should be continually studied by students and researchers, and wanted them reburied in the land they were laid to rest in. After a lengthy battle, she succeeded, marking one of Australia's most notable repatriation victories.</p> -28.092191629566176 153.45975438644405 Burleigh Heads - Resting place for Jabreen the Warrior God <p>Jabreen's story of creation and learning is remembered by today's community. And his huge basalt fingers can still be seen, stretching out from the top of the mountain as he woke from his sleep.</p> -27.985796301901246 153.00921300937648 Beaudesert Cemetery <p><em>"With the broadaxe he was an artist, and old hands say there has never been a man to touch him. Throughout the district today will be found examples of his work with the broadaxe, and the timber is as smooth as if it had been machine planed.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><em>Billy was a man of rare character, and those who knew him, and employed him in years gone by say there was never a man more trustworthy. He was an honest man, a conscientious worker and a trustworthy friend."</em></p> <p><em><span style="font-family: Thread-0000154c-Id-00000012;">&nbsp;</span></em></p> <p style="text-align: right;"><strong><span style="font-family: Times New Roman;">Excerpt from BILLY DRUMLEY IS DEAD, Beaudesert Times, 1951</span></strong></p>
126 jabreen walk with rory #FF8742 3 1.0-28.097376153.456497-28.096903153.456802-28.096628153.457199-28.096724153.457840-28.096554153.458282-28.096004153.458557-28.095558153.458878-28.095304153.459076 191 Beaudesert (Borobi) Walk 2014 #FF1303 3 1.0-27.987282152.995728-27.988333152.995895-27.989574152.998306-27.991468153.001678-27.991673153.003052-27.992496153.008102-27.992701153.009079-27.993658153.010971-27.994141153.011993-27.994198153.013229-27.993809153.017670-27.993645153.018417-27.993036153.019531-27.992601153.020157-27.992081153.019958-27.991238153.020111-27.989450153.020416-27.989277153.020538-27.988131153.021896-27.987822153.021973-27.987486153.022232-27.987358153.022507-27.987106153.024124-27.986940153.024872-27.984488153.026031-27.982681153.026855-27.982014153.026917-27.980579153.026566-27.980091153.026306-27.979584153.027237-27.979584153.027252-27.979580153.027222-27.979580153.027237 193 Tamborine (Mibunn) Walk 2014 #7840E6 3 1.0 194 Southport (Gowonda) Walk 2014 #A8253F 3 1.0-28.003040153.376266-28.002283153.375626-27.999043153.378662-27.999365153.381241-28.000237153.382782-27.999271153.384674-27.998493153.385468-27.997547153.387009-27.996372153.388840-27.996050153.389282-27.996162153.390152-27.997471153.398788-27.997433153.399155-27.997774153.400742-27.997698153.401749-27.998531153.406647-27.997831153.406845-27.998474153.411591-27.998211153.412460-27.997547153.413879-27.997509153.414291-27.995935153.414001-27.995785153.414520-27.994268153.415192-27.992678153.415451-27.991768153.415146-27.990440153.415298-27.989948153.412613-27.987221153.412277-27.987371153.412979-27.987106153.413391-27.987503153.414734-27.987144153.415665-27.986008153.415634-27.982958153.414413-27.982767153.414337-27.982540153.412872-27.980967153.413177-27.981119153.414185-27.980928153.414352-27.980190153.414429-27.978987153.414444-27.978456153.414871-27.977936153.416046-27.977793153.416489-27.978495153.417435

How you can get involved

Live mummeri - Laugh minjel - Love gumera

Participating in the Walk

The Drumley Walk welcomes observers, walkers, friends and volunteers to share in all or part of the experience.


If you are not into walking - that's fine. You are still welcome to join in the pre-walk community showcase and the Official start.


If you do fancy a stroll, the Borobi (Koala) Walk is an easy 4km, on paved paths and dirt roads. We called it Borobi Walk because borobi's aren't big walkers.

The Wongari (wallaby) Walk is for the more adventurous and takes up most of the day.

These 2 walks are both in Beaudesert.

If you would like a scenic walk the Mibunn (Eagle) walk has 2 different stages, the 6km walk & the 10 km walk which is at Mt Tamborine.

The last walk we have is the Gowonda (Dolphin) walk which is at the Gold Coast (Benowa - Southport). This walk also has 2 stages, the 7 km & the 14km walks. 

Donating to the Drumley Walk


Donations to The Drumley Walk help us make the event affordable for community and family members who are unable to purchase their own tickets. The Yugambeh Museum is a registered, not-for-profit organisation with tax deductible gift status for all donations.


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Staff Register

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indemnity & release form

Please read this document on behalf of you and any children under 18 who are in your care.

I understand that participation in The Drumley Walk involves walking on public roads used by other traffic and other walkers in close proximity and I am aware of the potential hazards involved in that activity. I understand that roads used in The Drumley Walk will not be closed to traffic. I will ensure that I and/or my child is of sufficient competence to take part in the event. I and my child agree to abide by the rules of The Drumley Walk and to follow directions given by event organizers and Queensland Police. I release and indemnify all persons or corporations associated directly or indirectly with the conduct of The Drumley Walk from all liability, claims and costs whether in negligence or otherwise in connection with the participation of myself and my child in this event. This release shall extend to and include The Drumley Walk, event sponsors, event funding bodies and their respective committee members, directors, employees, contractors, volunteers and representatives, the owners, licensees and occupiers of land and property upon which the event or any part of it is conducted including statutory bodies and local authorities. The Drumley Walk reserves the right to change the venues, the route, any information published about the event or items provided on the event without notice.

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